1. Upload the ingredient label 1. 上載產品成分表
Take a photo on the ingredient label and upload to here 請為產品成分表拍照並在此上載照片
Click to upload the ingredient label 按此上載產品成分表相片
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Enter ingredient label here 在此輸入產品成分表
Upon submission of content, you agree to the ownership of content of the website. 提交資料前,請確保你同意網站的內容擁有權條款。
2. Your Product Result 2. 你的產品成份檢查結果
on safe list 安全系數
Safety list% is calculated based on ingredients proportion and ingredients' past record/studies on allergy possibility, cancer risks and international standard. 安全指數是由產品的成份比例,以及成份的致敏、致癌紀錄及國際使用標準而計算。
* BETA: The data provided is still under research. It is for reference only. * 試用版︰成份資料只供參考,數據分析模型仍處於研究階段。
Ingredients in Risk 有風險的成份
The order of items is based on the ingredient label, which is supposed to be ranking ingredients by proportion. 項目的順序是根據成分標籤而排列,應該是按比例排列成分。
Ingredients in the product 產品標籤上的成份
Ingredient data is analysed by A.I. based on public information on Wikipedia, CosmeticInfo.org, EWG, etc. It is still BETA and for reference only. 成分的數據是由AI根據維基百科、CosmeticInfo.org、EWG等公開信息進行分析,目前仍為BETA階段,僅供參考。
3. Complete the Product Record 3. 完成產品資料
Product Name* 產品名稱*
Product Category 產品分類
Specific Category 仔細分類
Brand Name* 品牌名稱*
Product Photo 產品圖片
Click to upload product photo 按此上載產品圖片
Description 產品描述
Where did you buy this? 你在那裡購買這件產品?
Anything you want to share about the product? 有用後感想跟我們分享嗎?
4. Thank You for Your Contribution! 4. 謝謝!產品已經儲存並加到你的收藏清單