Suppory local SME during the hard time 安心互助, 一齊撐住香港中小企
Door-to-door Beauty Services SOS!急救造型 - 上門服務配對
stay fabulous in the worst time 「在最壞時候,懂得吃,捨得穿,不會亂」
BeautyFact launches the "Rescue your hair" campaign during the lockdown in the pandemic period
During the period that salons and beauty centers have been forced shut down, you are still able to request for door-to-door hair, beauty and nail sservices
You may search for door-to-door beauty services at the following with reservation time slots, portfolio of the shops and their vaccination records
We collect HKD 50 per shop signup and donate to Teenskey to support grassroots during the pandemic after deducting dev and hosting costs
Directory 商戶列表
Available in early Mar 將於三月上旬或以後啟用